Efficient Tool to Repair PST

Is your PST file corrupted and are you in search of tool to repair PST file????

Don’t worry!!! It takes just a fraction of time to fix it with the use of PST Repair Tool. PST files play a vital role when the matter is related to Outlook. They reside locally on the system on which the Microsoft Office application is loaded. It is in PST files all the Outlook data resides. If any form of unexpected events causes the PST file corruption, then Outlook data become inaccessible causing huge data loss for which you need a tool to repair PST file or a software to repair PST file. Here you have a perfect tool to repair PST file which will fix all the issues related to PST file and bring back the data quick and safe. PST Repair Tool is an advanced software that is packed with capabilities to find the root cause of the issue and fix PST error in a productive manner. Some of the features that PST Repair Tool is known for is mentioned below

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Striking features of PST Repair Software:

  • Best Tool to Repair PST file on all latest versions of Windows such as Windows 7, 8, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • This software to repair PST file has a graphical user interface which makes the software easy and safe to use
  • Repairs Outlook version PST files like Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2010
  • Yields the fixed PST file in Outlook 2003-2010 format for easy importing
  • Well suited to fix PST files that are secured by passwords and even encrypted for security purpose
  • Proficient tool to repair PST files which are damaged and can't be fixed by Inbox Repair Tool
  • The tool to repair PST file which you are using here will faciliate you in previewing of recovered Outlook attributes in Outlook browser styled interface

This software to repair PST file is very easy to use and relaible tool to repair PST files. To use this software to repair PST files, first launch the tool after installing it on your local Windows PC. You can see three options on the first screen. Select “Open PST file”

Tool to Repair PST - Main Screen

Fig 1: Home Page

Once the selection is done, this tool to repair PST file will prompts a window to browse and select the PST file. You can select the path of the file using the “Browse” button and proceed

Tool to Repair PST - Open PST Screen

Fig 2: Open PST File

Now browse and choose the destination path for the new PST file to be saved on your local system

Tool to Repair PST - Select destination Screen

Fig 3: Choose Destination Location

The PST repair utility or a program to repair PST file initiates the scan on PST file and fixes the issue. After the completion, it displays a set of Outlook folders retrieved from the PST file. Now complete the process by purchasing this tool to repair PST file on online

Tool to Repair PST - Preview Page

Fig 4: Preview Screen

Probabilities that cause damage of PST files

PST oversize:  All PST files have limitations in size. You can store the data within the defined limits itself. If the user stores more than required data then the PST file may exceed in size gradually ending up in PST file corruption

Abnormal termination: This is the common issue that occurs maximum times in the system. During power failure events there can be possibilities that the user may have kept the Outlook running. This event can damage to the PST files causing the loss of Outlook data

Virus attack:  Networks are the place where the virus target to attack files. When Outlook uses the network connection, lots of malware takes charge of the system and cause the corruption of PST files resided on the local system

PST used over the network:  In big organizations PST files are kept centralized location to make it accessible to more than one user. In such systems, there can be chances of PST file corruption due to the mistakes committed by any one of the users. So, to overcome from all these scenarios you need a best tool to repair PST files in order to fix all the issues or problems related to this Outlook files.

Helpful Tips to avoid damage of PST files:

  • Use an effective UPS system to prevent unexpected termination of Outlook
  • Employ the method of scanning your incoming emails using a updated antivirus program
  • Frequently compress your PST files to avoid PST oversize problems


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