Repair PST Files Larger Than 2GB

With growing trends the concept of communicating letters through the post is vanished. Today almost majority of them are dependent on email clients to send and receive mails. Email process in maximum used in business organizations to communicate business messages. All generally makes use of Outlook since they can be easily relied on. Outlook embeds a lot of characteristics that usually is not present in other email clients. You even have many additional properties such as keeping reminder about appointments, creating tasks and adding reminders using calendars etc.

In Outlook data is generally stored in PST files and this file as a defined size limit. Due to limitations in size, it is recommended to store data within the size. But at certain times users end up storing large number of data and corrupting PST files. At these times Outlook prompts some error messages such as “Unable to connect……”,“Connection to server failed…”or some miscellaneous messages. These messages occur when a PST file become larger than 2 GB size. This indicates that your PST is undergone a damage.  How to fix this problem??? Repair PST software is here to resolve all the issues related to PST file damage. For this what you have to do is, just download the software on your system and execute it as instructed

What are the general scenarios due to which your corrupt PST files?

Improper Upgradation:  Outlook is launched with new versions frequently. When a new version is launched in the market, the user wishes to upgrade their existing versions to newly launched ones. If the up gradation is carried without any proper guidance, there are chances that the PST file gets corrupted leading to loss of Outlook data

Antivirus Scanning: Computers are more prone to virus attacks since they can easily enter the system and take charge of it. Therefore to protect such systems from such virus, users install and use antivirus program to scan the emails. This sometimes deletes the mails or corrupt the PST files while scanning

Software Malfunction: Generally Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. At certain times any events that happen can cause errors on software and cause inaccessibility of Outlook data. The common reasons for software malfunction are operating system crash, malware attack or file system corruption

How can you avoid such scenarios?

These events cause be avoided easily by following some guidelines as provided below:

  • Using an efficient antivirus software
  • Protecting system with a UPS system for power surge problems
  • Compressing PST files to avoid oversize

Even though after all these precautions taken, if you corrupt your PST files you don’t have to worry. Repair PST File is here for you to solve all the problems.

Repair PST File is a magnificent tool that is used to fix all the problems regarding to PST file corruption. They are built in with a strong algorithm that can find the cause of the corruption and repair it in fractions of time. This tool has the capability to fix Outlook PST in Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 with ease. Check Here to know more about how to repair Outlook 2010 PST file.

Apart from these, this software engulfs facility to preview the recovered Outlook properties in the browser styled interface. The fixed PST file is formed in Outlook 2003-2010 format to make the importing of files easy. You can execute this software on all popular Windows computer such as Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008

Steps to repair PST files larger than 2GB :

Step 1: Download the software on your Windows system. Now install and lauch the tool to get the home screen. Select "Find PST File" file from the first screen

Repair PST Files Larger Than 2GB - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: Now a screen with a set of found PST files is dispalyed. Select the damaged PST file and proceed

Repair PST Files Larger Than 2GB - Find PST Screen

Fig 2: Found PST Files

Step 3: On this screen choose a valid path to save the PST file

Repair PST Files Larger Than 2GB- Select PST file path

Fig 3: Select Destination Path

Step 4: The software returns a set of attributes recovered from repaired PST file as shown below

Repair PST Files Larger Than 2GB- Preview Outlook folders

Fig 4: Recovered Outlook Folders

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