How to Fix Errors in Outlook.pst File?

Is the error in Outlook PST file stopping you from accessing mails?

Don’t get stressed!!! This is the right place where you will come to know how to fix errors in outlook.pst file and also to get all your problems solved. Outlook is a major email client used today for communication and any sort of issue to such a process can prove to be a huge data loss. Outlook users can face different errors while working on their task. This makes the Outlook data inaccessible and stop in the user's task. Here is some list of errors that you usually come across while using an Outlook for which you need to know how to fix errors in outlook.pst file.

Outlook Send Error: “The operation failed. An object could not be found” or “Object not found”

This error usually happens to appear due to two reasons i.e either due to PST damage or due to changes in the SMTP settings. But in the majority of the case PST corruption is the reason

“Outlook data file cannot be accessed (error 8004010F)”

This error is generally triggered while sending or receiving mails. The error occurs due to the corruption in Outlook file. Corruption of PST happens as a result of different events

“Unknown error has occurred. Protocol: SMTP Port: 0 Secure: No [SSL] Error: 0x800c0131”

You may see this error at various tasks you perform on Outlook. It is displayed as a result of some scenario that caused a PST file damage

Let us discuss the events that cause the above errors in Outlook:

File System Corruption: File systems in computers play a crucial role. It organizes and maintains the data in an appropriate way for easy access. It stores each a every file in the computer saved on the local computer, which includes the PST file. File system corruption can unfortunately end up in inaccessibility of Outlook data

Flaws in Upgrading Outlook: Generally, new versions of Outlook is launched on a frequent basis in the IT market. Users purchase and upgrade their Outlook to newly launched versions since the older version may happen to contain some drawbacks. While upgrading user can perform wrong operations which results in the PST file damage

Downloading harmful attachments:  Files  are shared among the users by attaching them to the mails that you are sending. When such mails reaches the destination, the attached file may contain a virus, since it was sent with the help of the network. When such files are downloaded to the local system, they attack and infect the local files along with the PST file and damage them

How to fix Outlook PST Errors? Such errors can be fixed with the use of repair tools. Navigate to to fix Outlook 2007 PST file

Strategies to be followed to prevent PST file damage:

  • Scan the incoming mails with the use of effective antivirus system
  • Keep a backup of the PST files
  • Make sure that you have terminated the Outlook before shutting down the system

If your computer is facing an Outlook error you don’t have to worry, download an efficient software called Outlook PST Error Fix or Repair software from this page in order to fix errors in Outlook PST files in an efficient way.

Outlook PST Error Repair tool is the reliable solution for fixing errors in Outllok .pst file. You can repair oversized PST file in just instant of some time with this tool.  On completing the fixing procedure on your damaged PST file, it enables you to preview the restored Outlook folders.  The most amazing feature if this software is its read only nature. It reads and fixes the original PST file and creates the fixed file has a new PST file

Having this software, you will be able to repair PST files on Outlook 2010, 2007, 2000, 2003 versions with ease. Check Here for more info on Outlook 2010 repair. Its simple graphical user interface helps beginner find this tool ease and effortless to know how to fix errors in Outlook.pst files. The software also enables you to save the fixed PST file in any location of your wish

Steps to know how to fix errors in Outlook.pst file:

Step 1: Click on the download button of this page and install the software on the system. Launch and select "Open PST File" from the home page to fix Outlook PST errors.

How To Fix Errors In Outlook.pst File? - Main Screen

Fig 1: Home Page

Step 2: Browse and select the path of your corrupted PST file and proceed to fix Outlook PST errors.

How To Fix Errors In Outlook.pst File?- Open PST Screen

Fig 2: Select Corrupted PST File

Step 3: Now choose the destination location to save your PST file

How To Fix Errors In Outlook.pst File?- Select Destination Path

Fig 3: Choose Path to Save PST

Step 4: The repair is intiated and the PST file is fixed. The software provides the preview of the recovered Outlook folders

How To Fix Errors In Outlook.pst File?- Preview Outlook folders

Fig 4: Preview Outlook Attributes

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